Kim Possible: Mission Equipment

Kim Possible

Mission Equipment


A multifunction portable device.
Functions include:
satellite video communicator
internal analyzer
multispectral frequency generator
extendable data jack
hologram projector

Grappling Launcher

Grapple extends when switch on side is pressed.
Three different grapples:
Hook-for hooking over objects
Arrow-Blades extend after punching through surface to prevent retraction
Claw-for grabbing objects
Grappling cable can be released and a new grapple generated (not necessarily of the same type previously fired).
The grapple and/or cable can be retracted back into the launcher.
If more cable than the standard length is required, the launcher will automatically extend the cable. The cable continues to lengthen until the grapple makes solid contact.


They make me look cool!
But seriously, they're great for protection from hypnotic disco balls and bright light.
Comes with nightvision and binocular functions.


Controller for some of my equipment.
Specifically, Rocketblades, Rocket Iceskates/Rocket Snowboard and Jetpack.
Equipped with twin cutting lasers and mini buzzsaw.

Elastic Constricting Agent Stick

Good at sticking things together.
Can fire in ball or streamer mode.

Liquid Acid

A container of liquid acid disguised as a bottle of nail polish.

Whatever you do, DON'T use it to do your nails!!!


A small mirror that allows me to check my face.
Handy for deflecting lasers and peeking around corners.

Sedative Gas

Open it and hold your breath. Instant sedation occurs if inhaled.


Impervious to and deflects energy fields, including weapons fire. Is equipped with homing device that makes it return to me after throwing.

Lock Cracker Comb

A device that can deactive electronic door locks.
And is great for straightening split ends!

Throwing Dart And Dispenser

A small very sharp dart. The dispenser creates them in groups of three or singly.

Armored Spacesuit Wristband

When triggered, this wristband becomes an armored powered spacesuit.
The spacesuit can also function as a deep diving suit for water.
Comes with twin cutting lasers and mini buzzsaw.

The second picture is of the inbuilt jetpack when it is retracted into the armor (i.e: not in use).

Hyperacceleration Module

When attached to the left wrist of the armored spacesuit or aquatic armor, accelerates the speed of the suit (and wearer) to several times normal.
Speed of acceleration (and on/off) is regulated by rotating the "dial".
And it's A LOT easier to deactivate then those annoying shoes!

Aquatic Armor Wristband

When triggered, this wristband becomes an underwater powered suit of armor.
Intended for deep diving.
Comes with twin cutting lasers and mini buzzsaw.
Equipped with propulsion boots, vocal resonator and night-vision lights.


Generates time portals. Time and space co-ordinates are entered on the display. The portal is sealed when the chronomanipulator (and the person wearing it) enter the portal.


This is used when I wish to gain covert access to a location.
The suit bends energy around it (and the wearer), making both invisible to ALL forms of electronic surveillance.
As a side-effect of this property, energy fields of higher magnitudes are also "bent" around the stealthsuit, meaning that when the suit is in active mode, energy beams and other similar energy forms have no effect.
Both forms are equipped with twin cutting lasers and mini buzzsaw.
The stealthsuit is also equipped with the polarizing vision filter, nightvision, binocular vision and rocketblades.
The photo illustrates the ability of the suit to "stick" to any surface by using the hands and boot soles of the suit.
The stealthsuit is activated/deactivated by the button disguised as a necklace. The inactive form of the stealthsuit is a formal dress.
And I'm glad Wade was able to take that picture quickly!!! It was getting boring hanging off the ceiling.


Rocket Propelled rollerblades.
Can be used as regular rollerblades by not activating the rockets.

Rocket Iceskates

Rocket Propelled iceskates.
Can be used as regular iceskates by not activating the rockets.
Servo-controllers in skates link to Rocket Snowboard when clamped on.

Helmet and Dive Helmet

Regular and Dive Helmet.
Comes with nightvision and binocular functions.
Screens polarize when exposed to bright light.
Inbuilt Communications headset with wireless connection to Kimmunicator.
The red helmet is normally stored in disc mode in the jetpack, ready for deployment when the jetpack activates. It can be removed for seperate use.

Rocket Snowboard

Rocket propelled snowboard.
When clamps active, Rocket Iceskates are deactivated. Servos now control the rockets.
Can be used as regular snowboard by not activating the rockets.

Scuba Dive Tank and Belt

The scuba tank connects to the dive helmet. The dome in the center strap is pressed to seperate the straps.
The belt is the diving version of the standard equipment belt.
The pouch stores the equipment that is normally kept in the external pocket.


Jetpack with retractable wings.
When the jetpack is activated, the helmet disc is ejected and expands into position over my head.
Equipped with laser array to blast through obstacles.
Also handy for blasting Golf Ball Drones!
The dome in the center strap is pressed to seperate the straps.